Health & Safety Protocols

Approach to Operations

The following health and safety guidelines are being implemented by Pure Casinos upon reopening properties.

The guidelines will be adhered to, and reflected accordingly, in the detailed site-specific plans that have been prepared for each operating environment while complying with all current Alberta public health recommendations and guidelines- these plans are subject to change.  These safety practices will be regularly reviewed and adjusted based on the most current advice of the Province of Alberta and the Chief Medical Officer of Health as well as guidance from the AGLC.

We have enhanced our current operating standards with new rules for cleaning, physical distancing, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Providing a safe environment for employees to work and customers to enjoy themselves is possible by strictly adhering to Alberta Health Services and the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Our industry uses cleaning products and protocols which meet Alberta Health Services guidelines and are approved for use against viruses and bacteria. We are working with our vendors, distribution partners and suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply of these cleaning supplies and the necessary PPE is available to ensure our employees, customers, and charities can safely return to our properties.

Physical distancing will be top of mind and will apply to all aspects of gaming properties. For employees and customers, standing at least two meters away from others while in lines or moving around the property. Layouts of restaurant tables, one-way traffic, electronic gaming machines, table games, and other areas will be arranged to encourage appropriate distancing by removing seats or installing physical barriers. In situations where physical distancing is not possible, other mitigating controls (use of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) will be employed.

Alberta’s gaming industry always operates with oversight and controls. All health and safety practices implemented by Alberta gaming site operators will be in compliance with the Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Act, applicable AGLC operating guidelines and in accordance with guidance from Public Health Alberta. The AGLC will continue to provide inspections and audits of sites and will have an on-site presence. The AGLC will further continue to oversee conduct & manage responsibilities and work cooperatively with operators.

We will refine and update Pure Casinos plans as experts provide us with more information. This framework is current as of June 11, 2020.

Pre-Open Cleaning and Preparations

Prior to reopening, all properties will clean and disinfect public and shared spaces in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines and will use products approved by Health Canada to clean and disinfect surfaces.

These areas include:

  • Front desk counters/customer service counters
  • GameSense responsible gambling centres
  • Door handles
  • Shared spaces including kitchens and bathrooms
  • Cabinet handles
  • Light switches
  • ATMs and point of sale equipment (Debit/Credit machines)
  • Stair handrails
  • Casino cage counters
  • Gaming machines
  • Gaming tables
  • Dining surfaces and restaurant menus
  • Keypads
  • Touchscreens/tablets
  • Workstations
  • Shared equipment
  • Kitchen equipment
  • HVAC filters
  • Beer and pop lines
  • Gaming chips

Where possible fresh air flow will be increased to enhance fresh air on the gaming floor.

Regular Cleaning Procedures

All properties will clean and disinfect facilities and equipment on a high frequency/enhanced schedule using products that are approved and safe for use in Canada. High traffic areas will have area-specific cleaning guidelines that meet Alberta Health Services requirements.


All employees will undergo training on the new workplace guidelines before returning to work and staggered shifts will be implemented where practical to reduce the chances of congregating. Properties will respect the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act as it applies to employees and the work environment.

Training will focus on the following items, as applicable to each individual property:

  • Hand washing/hand sanitizing requirements
  • PPE requirements and how/when to use them
  • Physical distancing requirements
  • Self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms which may include temperature checks/uploading results via an app ahead of reporting for shifts
  • Self-disclosure requirements
  • When not to come to work
  • Responsibilities to other employees and customers
  • Provincial standards on sick leave should an employee develop COVID-19
  • Customer messaging and interaction
  • Cleaning requirements for uniforms
  • Use of locker rooms

Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Prior to reopening, all properties will clean and disinfect public and shared spaces in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines and will use products approved by Health Canada to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Properties will conduct risk assessments to identify specific workplace conditions or tasks that expose employees to COVID-19 transmission. The risk assessments will identify appropriate controls utilizing the hierarchy of controls framework.

Employees will be supplied PPE and provided training on how to properly use and care for it. Hand sanitizer/wipes will be readily available throughout properties as appropriate.

Self Monitoring and Sick Policies

Employees will be instructed to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing before coming to work. As per the province of Alberta’s guidelines, if they have symptoms, they should use Alberta’s self- assessment tool. They can also contact their health care provider or Alberta Health Services (811). All employees will be advised to stay home if they are unwell. Pure Casinos will have policies in place for employees who have symptoms of any transmissible illness such as cold, flu, or COVID-19. Pure Casinos will establish protocols for all employees to have pre-shift health checks on an ongoing basis.

All employees will sign a declaration form prior to reopening that states that they agree to:

1)            Not to come to work if they:

  • Have symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing;
  • Have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive with COVID-19; and/or
  • Have travelled in the last 14 days and are subject to 14-day quarantine.

2)            They will also be asked to agree to:

  • Be forth right with the criteria in the checklist above going forward;
  • Adhere to the health and safety guidelines;
  • Will wear a face covering at site until a time when their employer no longer requires them.

Physical Distancing in Workplace

Physical distancing protocols will be promoted in all areas of the workplace: the employee dining rooms, locker rooms, uniform control areas, training classrooms, shared office and break spaces and other high-density areas. Employees will be expected to adhere to physical distancing requirements in areas on the gaming floor and in back of house (BOH) employee only areas. Operators will have a clear policy and strict procedures in place around interactions of employees, suppliers and others in BOH areas. Where possible, barriers will be put in place to ensure the safety of employees. Workspaces or workflow procedures will be redesigned or reconfigured where feasible to encourage proper physical distancing. Other mechanisms to support employee physical distancing will be put in place as required.

Back of House Signage

Signage will be posted throughout the property reminding employees of the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks, use gloves (in positions deemed appropriate by Alberta Health Services or the operator), physically distance, wash hands, sneeze and to avoid touching their faces.

Website Messaging

Updates are important to keep patrons informed about what casinos are doing to keep them safe. AGLC will provide messaging to support physical distancing and player health and safety for casino websites. This will ensure there is a consistent messaging used across all operator sites to reinforce the importance of the application of health and safety practices.

Vendors/Service Providers/Charitable Workers/AGLC

Vendors and services providers, charitable workers, casino advisors, as well as AGLC personnel will be required to follow the same rules as employees for wearing PPE and obeying physical distancing requirements when on site. Notification will go out to vendors prior to reopen and spare masks may be required at loading docks.

Health and Safety Delegate

Operators will identify a health and safety designate to assist employees with implementing proper protocols, answer questions, provide educational materials and to whom incidences will be reported.

Employees will be provided a list of resources to reference at site, which will include, but not be limited to:

  • Key medical, mental health and other personal assistance websites and phone numbers;
  • Approved and up to date sources for COVID-19 information;
  • Updates on changes to business operations as they occur.

Charitable Workers and Cash Cage Advisors

Training for volunteers will be provided prior to their shift. Workers and advisors to provide their own masks and PPE where possible. Casinos to have a supply reserved for those without.


Pure Casinos will use existing communication channels with customers (direct marketing, email, flyers, posters, etc.) to educate customers prior to their arrival on: what to expect when they arrive at a casino and what responsibilities they have, specifically as it relates to their health/when not to come to a property, PPE options, and observing physical distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment

Customers will be permitted to bring their own PPE (masks and gloves) and where possible certain items will be provided. The decision to wear a mask is up to each customer unless mandated by Alberta Health Services requirements. Properties will ensure they are in full compliance with AGLC regulatory standards when it comes to verifying the identification of a customer. Customers entering properties will be asked to briefly lower their masks for age, identification, and self-exclusion purposes.

Hand Sanitizer/Sanitizing Wipes

Hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes dispensers, touchless wherever possible, will be placed at key employee and customer entrances and contact areas such as reception areas, hotel and casino lobbies, the casino floor, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces, and elevator landings.

Front of House Signage

Signage will be posted throughout the properties which will provide health and hygiene reminders including proper hand washing/sanitizing, covering mouths when coughing or sneezing, physical distancing, and reporting any COVID-19 symptoms. Signage will be used to support the physical distancing message and highlight hygiene etiquette. Signage will be posted at entrances, on the gaming floor as reminders of the rules for entry to property. Visuals and messaging will be created that can constantly be shown on the gaming floor via physical signs and/or digital screens. These images and messages will be constantly monitored and updated after opening to ensure patrons receive relevant and current information for best practices.


Where physical distancing is not practical, barriers will be installed to protect employees and customers, or PPE may be used, as appropriate. Plexi-dividers or equivalent safety shields will be provided and in place by operators at various patron facing service areas on the gaming floor. Areas for consideration are (but not limited to):

  • Guest Services – Gaming Floor
  • Security Podium
  • Cash Cage
  • GameSense counter
  • Other – To be determined by operators depending on their site amenities and layouts.

Dividers will be in place to allow interactions with patrons to be conducted in the safest way possible. Best practices will continue to be evaluated and applied to business where applicable. Operators will maintain and clean dividers and surrounding areas frequently to ensure patrons and employees are kept safe.


Any area where employees or customers queue will be clearly marked to encourage appropriate physical distancing. Floor markers will identify and reinforce physical distancing guidelines in strategic areas on the gaming floor and will be used to remind patrons to follow physical distancing protocols. These areas will include locations such as entrances, areas where patrons line up, and washrooms.


To be cleaned and have supplies refreshed frequently according to best practices. The 2M distancing will be applied here also in the case of spacing of urinals and/or sinks.

Gaming Floor

Physical Distancing

Pure Casinos will ensure that patrons have a space of no less than 2M between customers for all areas of the casino. Floor markers will identify and reinforce physical distancing guidelines in strategic areas on the gaming floor and will be used to remind patrons to follow physical distancing protocols. These areas will include locations such as entrances, areas where patrons line up, and washrooms.

Electronic Gaming Machines

Electronic gaming machines will be reconfigured with chairs removed or machines turned off and/or signage to allow for physical separation between customers while seated. Casino employees will use best efforts to encourage customers not to congregate around machines.

Table Games

Will remain closed at the start of Phase 2.  Operators will keep guests updated on dates for Table Games reopening.

Casino Cage

Customers will be encouraged to maintain appropriate physical distancing while waiting in line and the spacing will be clearly marked on the floor. Identification can be passed in a contactless manner if requested.


Wherever possible and appropriate, properties will encourage contactless methods of payment (tapping credit or debit cards) instead of cash. Credit/debit machines will be disinfected frequently throughout the day. Hand sanitizer/wipes will be available at the cage and at table games for use by both employees and customers.

Responsible Gambling

The industry has an ongoing commitment to responsible gambling. GameSense counters will reopen as required with the same health and safety and physical distancing requirements as the rest of the property. Properties will ensure they are in full compliance with AGLC regulatory standards when it comes to self-exclusion. Customers entering properties will be asked to briefly lower their masks for self-exclusion identification purposes.

Customer Service

Customers will maintain appropriate physical distancing while waiting in line and the spacing will be clearly marked on the floor. Proper training will be provided to employees regarding customer interactions. Marketing/promotions/loyalty will include references to the importance of strictly observing public health and safety requirements.

Congregating of Patrons

Employees will actively observe the casino traffic throughout the site and engage with patrons not adhering to distancing principles.  Pure Casinos will leverage security personnel, existing surveillance systems, slot personnel and floor managers to ensure any crowding or gatherings are immediately addressed. Employees will intervene with patrons if they observe any group gatherings and enforce these guidelines. This practice includes the casino floor, any smoking areas, or other potential patron gathering locations. Patrons who fail to comply will be exited from the facility. Failure to comply with distancing practices will be seen as an undesirable act within the casino, and, if required, we will use AGLC’s Regulatory Authority to remove the patron or patrons from the premise.

Food & Beverage

Pure Casinos will phase in F&B amenities as appropriate that adhere to Alberta Health Services and occupational health and safety requirements.

Where possible, F&B menu and service delivery will be streamlined in an effort to maintain physical distancing requirements.  One-time use menus or downloadable menus will be employed to reduce risk of transmission.

If an employee in a restaurant is diagnosed with COVID-19 the Pure Casinos is required to shut down the outlet for a period of time as per Alberta Health Service requirements.

Buffets will not be available upon re-opening and will remain closed until such a time that this method of food service can be provided safely. Self accessible food for patrons will also not be available until deemed safe to do so.

Cases of COVID-19 Diagnosis or Symptoms (Employee or Customer)

Employees will be subject to strict screening protocols and all preventative measures will be taken. Any employee who tests positive for COVID-19 will be reported to the local public health authorities who will perform case management and contact tracing that may require additional infection prevention and control (IPAC) measures to be put in place in the workplace, which could include additional testing, people self-isolating etc. The employee will be immediately removed from the workplace.

If a customer begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 while on the property, they will be isolated until they can safely leave, and the local public health authorities will be notified.

Surfaces that were touched by the sick employee or customer will be disinfected as soon as possible in accordance with enhanced environmental cleaning procedures and protocols for the Province of Alberta.